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[http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/index.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions Calguns Foundation Wiki FAQ]: What FIREARMS ARE LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA?
[[Frequently Asked Questions|Calguns Foundation FAQ]]: What FIREARMS ARE LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA?
Simple answers for simple questions
Simple answers for simple questions

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Simple answers for simple questions

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As usual, the list of ILLEGAL weapons is easier to describe.

New residents may bring almost anything except “assault weapons” and machine guns.

The law allows for ‘assault weapon permits’ and ‘machine gun permits’; those are in practice unobtainable.

Military personnel with permanent orders to California may get a Military Assault Weapon Permit (MAWP) before moving to California; contact the Department of Justice directly, or your post/base/station legal services. The permit does not allow you to buy new weapons California doesn’t like, only legally possess the ones you own before coming here. If you retire or complete your service in California, the MAWP is no longer valid and you must move the covered weapons out of state.

California thinks firearms such as the Taurus Judge are ‘short barreled shotguns’, and those are illegal.

The Handgun Roster refers to handguns dealers may sell – it has no effect on what you may own.

Current law enforcement (not retired) is exempt from the Handgun Roster, and may resell off-Roster handguns to non-LEO.