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For "Loaded", I'm cleaning up the text in the 'quote boxes' so it all fits inside the boundaries.

I was trying to figure out a rule of thumb for width...

The width of the quote boxes is a hard call. Thanks for fiddling with it.

just guessing so far

I don't know if a rule will work; I'm just eyeballing it. Gets a little choppy on the right margin, and it seems that hard returns inside the box break BOLD, so have to put the 3 ' at each end.

Bold thing annoying

As you can tell on the "Loaded" article, I found out the hard way that bold got broken by hard returns...

3rd level headlines

are done with surrounding "===", see buying a gun/PPT

Done for tonight

Eyes are getting 'gluey' :-)


I think edits are still working... The admin changed the clock to be in the correct time zone so that may have made new edits stop during the odd time state.

back at it

regrouping some of the buying things into 'buying a firearm' with references only at 'buying a handgun/rifle/shotgun' - 10-day wait, DROS, locks