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US Code source

The Findlaw link to US Code says it's only good to 2004, so I'm using the Cornell links instead.

The section dealing with the 10 day wait in "Buying arms from a California FFL" is incomplete and in error.

The 10 day waiting period is specified in Penal Code 12071(b)(3)(A) AND 12072(c)(1).

The exemption 12072(a)(9)(B)(ix) applies to the 1 handgun per 30 day limit in 12072(a)(9)(A).

The 10 day waiting period is exempted in 12072(t) and only for C&R firearms by an 03 FFL with a COE. rklute

Thanks for the help! Also fixed link to BATF - they recently dropped the .treas from their URL /librarian