Sykes v. McGinness

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Sykes v McGinness

Sykes v. McGinness following Nordyke, is a case challenging the Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) license issuing policies in Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

Sykes is the first named plaintiff (Deanna Sykes, Andrew Witham, Adam Richards, Second Amendment Foundation, and The Calguns Foundation) and McGinness is the first named defendant, John McGinness, Sheriff of Sacramento County.


Complaint filed May 5, 2009, awaiting response from the Defendants.

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This suit seeks to do two things.

1. "Good Cause" shall be interpreted such that "self defense" is more than enough "Good Cause."

2. "Good moral character" shall be interpreted to mean "not otherwise prohibited from buying or possessing firearms" under the common understanding of that term (felon in possession, no 5150 bar, etc.)

A third but not explicit item is that may really means shall.

-Gene Hoffman