Private Party Transfer

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PC 28050 transfer / Private Party Transfer

California law requires effectively all firearms transfers to go through a CA licensed FFL. (Penal Code Section 27545)

Two individuals may sell to one another, using an FFL as an agent, following the procedure set forth in Penal Code Section 28050. That action is commonly known as a 'Private Party Transfer' or 'PPT'.

The fees are limited by statute (Penal Code Section 28055); the fee is limited to $10 for the dealer and $25 to the State for DROS and other required charges - total THIRTY FIVE (35) dollars and no more.

PPT handgun transactions are exempt from the Handgun Roster.

In almost all places, PPT handgun transactions are exempt from 1 in 30 days.

The buyer in a PPT handgun transaction must have the Handgun Safety Certificate, unless exempt.

PPT transactions are subject to the 10-day wait.

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