Palmer v. District of Columbia

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Palmer v District of Columbia

Palmer v. District of Columbia following Sykes v. McGinness, is a case challenging the carry licensing in the District of Columbia. Incorporation is not an issue in D.C.

Palmer is the first named plaintiff (Tom Palmer, George Lyon, Edward Raymond, Amy McVey, and Second Amendment Foundation) and District of Columbia is the first named defendant, District of Columbia, and Police Chief Cathy Lanier.


The case is case number 1:09-cv-01482-HHK. Docket from RECAP.

  • Next hearing will be January 22, 2010 for oral arguments on the motion for summary judgment and the motion to dismiss.
  • August 6, 2009: Complaint filed.

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Though DC may license the manner of carry, DC must allow law abiding residents to carry a handgun in public for self defense.