Off List Lowers (OLL/OLR)

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What does OLL mean?

When the members of started the OLL revolution, the initial semiautomatic firearms that were imported into California and sold were unlisted AR type lower receivers. The three letter accronym OLL - for Off List Lower - was quickly adopted by both the pro gun community and the California Department of Justice and the anti-gun community. OLL has now become synonymous with the import, sale, manufacture and assembly of firearms that were once thought to be "Assault Weapons" and therefor unobtainable under California law.

Are "series" semiautomatic rifles regulated?

Harrot v. County of Kings (2001) 25 Cal.4th 1138 (PDF, 93K) was a California Supreme Court case that held essentially that a semiautomatic centerfire rifle could not be considered an Assault Weapon unless and until it had been specifically identified in section 30510 (old 12276) of the Penal Code, the California Code of Regulations, or the so called Kasler list as promulgated by the California Attorney General (current combined list). Further the rifle had to be identified by the Attorney General by both make and model. Harrot judicially moots the "series" language in Penal Code 12276 (a)(1), 12276 (a)(5), and 12276 (e). In 2006 the Attorney General lobbied for and helped pass AB-2728 to give up the ability to add firearms to the list of named Assault Weapons. In January of 2007, AB 2728 took effect. AB-2728 foreclosed the chance that the Attorney General would be required to open a new registration window.

California also regulates semiautomatic rifles by features in Penal Code 30515 (old 12276.1) Generally, the Penal Code prohibits a semiautomatic rifle from having a detachable magazine and any one of a pistol grip, folding or telescoping stock, flash hider, forward pistol grip, or grenade launcher.

How can I obtain an AR, AK, FAL, or other similar semiautomatic rifle?

One can acquire a stripped receiver for any of the rifles that resemble "named" assault weapons and build the rifles using California compliance parts. Rifles can be built to accept detachable magazines and none of the prohibited features or to use "fixed" or non-detachable magazines of 10 rounds or less that can then have prohibited features. The Assault Weapons Identification Guide is an excellent resource to understand which rifles are prohibited and what configurations are legal and allowed. Also, various FFL's sell semiautomatic rifles that have already been modified to be California compliant. Many of them advertise on or post in the Marketplace forum.

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