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The Calguns Foundation Wiki

We attempt to answer frequently asked questions about Federal and California Firearms laws on this wiki.


Semiautomatic Rifles

Firearms generally

  • Buying and selling firearms in California
  • Transporting non handguns
  • Large Capacity magazines
  • The CFLC system
  • Personal manufacture
  • Restoring firearms rights


  • The Handgun Safety Certificate
  • The Safe Handgun List
  • Options for acquiring unlisted handguns
    • Interfamily transfers
    • Single shot exemption
  • Transporting
  • Open Carry Unloaded
  • Defining Loaded
  • Defining Concealed
  • Limits on handgun purchases
  • Restrictions on semiautomatic handguns


  • Restriction on semiautomatic shotguns
  • AOWs

Curio and Relic/Licensed Collectors

  • Getting a license
  • COE
  • Acquiring and disposing of long arms
  • Acquiring handguns
  • Exception to the 1 handgun in 30 days law
  • Acquisition/Disposition log book

Important Cases

  • Heller v. DC
  • Guy Montag Doe v. SFHA
  • Nordyke v. King


Wiki Housekeeping