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* [[Open Carry Unloaded]]
* [[Open Carry Unloaded]]
* [[Defining Concealed]]
* [[Defining Concealed]]
* [[Unlicensed Concealed Carry]]
* [[California License to Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW)]]
* [[California License to Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW)]]
* [[Limits on handgun purchases]]
* [[Limits on handgun purchases]]

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The Calguns Foundation Wiki

We attempt to answer frequently asked questions about California and Federal Firearms laws on this wiki. Please note that we can not host electioneering where we attempt to influence the outcome of a campaign. CGF can host information on pending and past legislation that effects the civil rights of California Gun Owners.

California Firearms Laws


Semiautomatic Rifles

Firearms Generally



General requirements are 18" minimum barrel length, 26" minimum overall length.

Pump Shotguns

Most conceivable configurations are allowed, including:

  • Folding stocks (minimum length measured while folded applies).
  • Bayonet lugs.
  • Pistol grips.
  • Detachable magazines (Saiga's converted to single-shot, etc).

Semi-automatic Shotguns

There are a few restrictions:

  • No detachable magazine (bullet button, etc, ok).
  • No folding or telescoping stock.
  • No pistol grip, thumbhole stock, or vertical handgrip.


Curio and Relic/Licensed Collectors

Antique Firearms

Important Cases



Frequently Asked Questions

Poltical Analysis

Poltical Analysis