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We attempt to answer frequently asked questions about California and Federal Firearms laws on this wiki. Please note that we can not host electioneering where we attempt to influence the outcome of a campaign. CGF can host information on pending and past legislation that affects the civil rights of California Gun Owners.

Contributor's/Editor's Note

December, 2011: Articles are slowly being updated to the new numbering and reorganization of the Penal Code Dangerous Weapons Control Laws as implemented by the passage of SB 180 and SB 1115 in 2010.

We apologize for any confusion experienced while the articles are undergoing revision.

See this PDF for a 37-page translation of old Penal Code numbers to new Penal Code numbers, effective January 2012:

Cheat Sheet for the new Penal Code

Moving to or Visiting California With Firearms

New residents or visitors should read the article here : Moving to California with firearms

Transportation of Firearms


California Firearms Laws


Semiautomatic Rifles

Firearms Generally

  • Personal manufacture


Illegal, or highly questionable guns and products

This section covers some things which, while sometimes arguably legal, might be very difficult or expensive to defend.


Short-barreled Rifles

AOWs in California


Tear Gas / Pepper Spray

Body Armor

Curio and Relic/Licensed Collectors

Antique Firearms

Ammunition and Black Powder

Litigation Past and Present

Recent legislation

2009 - AB 962 De Leon, Ammunition -- overturned JAN 18th, 2011

2013 - Sept 14. The crop of bills for the first year of the 2013-2014 session has been sent to the Governor. As bills are signed into law, or otherwise allowed to become law, articles will be amended as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Poltical Analysis

Poltical Analysis