Jackson v. San Francisco

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Jackson v San Francisco

May 18, 2009 NRA filed a federal suit (United States District Court, Northern District of California) against the City of San Francisco entitled Jackson v. San Francisco. First named plaintiff is Espanola Jackson.

Case number appears to be 09-2143.


Case Number: 3:09-cv-02143-PJH

Complaint filed May 18, 2009, awaiting response

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NRA coalition suit: Jackson v SF ("Safe" Storage)


The complaint alleges that the requirement to keep handguns unloaded or trigger locked or otherwise in a locked case is exactly the kind of unconstitutional interference with the right to self defense struck down in Heller. The suit also challenges the fact that the "no discharge" ordinance has no exception for self defense. Further the suit challenges the ban on the sale of hollow point ammunition or any ammunition that is not suitable for "sporting purposes" in San Francisco.