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Calguns Foundation FAQ: How do I get a CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE?

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In a large part of California, you don’t.

California law specifies that issuing authorities – Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs – MAY issue such a license.

If issued, the license is valid in the whole state, unless the issuer places restrictions on the license.

The applicant must not be a ‘prohibited person’, must apply with a fee and fingerprints, must complete any training the issuing authority specifies (within limits) and have “good cause”. The issuing authority is free to issue or refuse to issue for any reason or no reason.

“Good cause” is not defined in the Penal Code.

The cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose are, in practice, “no issue” outside of lawyers, judges and retired law enforcement. The rest of the state is variable; the details are outside the scope of this article.

The Penal Code is silent on alcohol use or presence and Concealed Weapons License holders. Some issuing authorities are not silent.

Carrying a concealed weapon without the license may be punished on the first occasion either as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on circumstances.