Hanson v District of Columbia

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Hanson v District of Columbia

Hanson v D.C. is a case challenging the California Roster of Handguns as adopted by the District of Columbia.


  • June 17, 2009 District of Columbia filed a Notice of Emergency Rulemaking referring to these new rules for the Metropolitan Police Department. The effect of these new rules on the case is not yet determined.

The SAF news release on the rulemaking quotes

Attorney Alan Gura, representing SAF in the lawsuit, noted that under the new regulations, approved guns no longer expire from the list, and are no longer banned “because they are the wrong color.”

“It’s impossible to list every single gun protected by the Second Amendment,” Gura stated. “We won’t stop until this list is scrapped.”

  • The complaint was filed March 9, 2009. Defendants responded and requested consolidation with Heller II. The plaintiffs opposed consolidation and filed a motion for summary judgment. The court denied the motion without prejudice and consolidated the cases. Motions from all sides in both cases are due July 5, 2009. Motions in opposition are due August 5. Reply briefs from all sides are due August 20, 2009.

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