Gun Buy Back Programs

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Gun Buy Back Programs

Occasionally a local government will, for their own reasons, have an event during which local citizens may turn in unwanted firearms.

This process is legal, through Penal Code 27850 (old 12078 (a)(6))

(a) Section 27545 does not apply to a sale, delivery, or
transfer of firearms if both of the following requirements are
  (1) The sale, delivery, or transfer is to an authorized
representative of a city, city and county, county, or state
government, or of the federal government, and is for the 
governmental entity.
  (2) The entity is acquiring the weapon as part of an authorized,
voluntary program in which the entity is buying or receiving weapons
from private individuals.
  (b) Any weapons acquired pursuant to this section shall be
disposed of pursuant to the applicable provisions of Section 34000
or Sections 18000 and 18005.

A much longer article by attorney CD Michel is available: LEGALITY OF GUN BUY-BACK PROGRAMS