Firearms on Federal Bureau of Land Management Property

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Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management has a published policy on firearms:

Persons have the permission of the BLM to possess and use
firearms, including lawfully registered assault weapons, on
BLM-administered public lands except when prohibited by other
applicable laws and regulations.

Other regulations are

To Ensure Public Safety & Protect Public Resources
The Following Acts Are Prohibited On Public Lands: 


 10. Discharging or using firearms or fireworks in a developed
recreation site (campgrounds & day use areas).
 11. Willfully damaging or destroying property, structures or
resources (including but not limited to signs and trees).
 12. Creating a hazard or nuisance (shooting from or across
public roads and trails and/or in any manner endangering the
 13. Possession of an unregistered assault weapon as defined by
California law and DOJ regulations.
 14. Littering (pickup and pack out all targets, expended
shells and other personal trash) .
 15. Hunting in violation of applicable State and Federal laws
and regulations.