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Calguns Foundation FAQ:

How do I legally transport a LONG GUN?

Unloaded, cased or not, visible or not.

It is convenient to have a case; that is not required.

It is less obvious to transport a long gun in a vehicle trunk; that is not required.

When traveling through Gun Free School Zones Federal law requires long guns to be in a locked container or a locked gun rack.

How do I legally transport a HANDGUN?

Simple answers for simple questions.

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The easiest (but not the only) method to legally transport a handgun is

  • unloaded
  • in a secure locked case

YES, you may have ammunition in the same case and compartment as the gun.

YES, your magazines for semiautomatic handguns may have ammunition in them.

YES, your speed loaders for revolvers may have ammunition in them.

NO, no law requires the locked case to be in a trunk of a vehicle; the locked case may be in any part of your vehicle that you like.

NO, you may not use the glove box or center console to transport your unloaded handgun unless the handgun is also in a separate locked case.

YES, you may transport the locked case in a backpack or a cargo container on a motorcycle.

NO, there is no legal definition of ‘secure locked case’. There many varieties offered commercially; if you don’t personally think one is ‘secure’, buy one you think is secure.

NO, a ‘cable lock’ or ‘trigger lock’ can NOT replace the locked container.

YES, your locked trunk can be used as the only locked container, but you will probably find separate locked containers more convenient.

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