Clash Of Clans Hall Builder And Some Special Tricks

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Clash of Clans builder Hall Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

What is the Clash of Clans Builder and what can you do with it? Or so surely is the question of one or the other Clash of Clans Players look who has read somewhere or heard of the Builder. In principle, these are a useful tool with which one can build and plan apart from the own app before individual bases.The whole thing has the advantage that one does not have to change for its own base in Clash of Clans complicated, but the whole can build on the paper in the Clash of Clans Builder once. So you can build and test, without which one thereby equal need to move all his basic good individual tactics.

Based plan with Clash of Clans Builder

As in our advice to the CoC Lineups described articles, plays defense in Clash of Clans at least as important a role as the correct strategy when attacking. Since the game is a relatively great deal of freedom in the construction of the base, can be found on the Internet endless lineups for the defense. But who wants this before once test or build himself, who can do it as a kind of dry run in one of the numerous Clash of Clans Builder. Here you can not only himself planning his tactics and build a base, but one can at the same time to draw on the numerous statements from other players.

We use always happy to because this offers a lot of features and is easy to use. On the website you can easily build his own base on "Create Base Plan" and below are a different building for the various town hall level available. So you have the possibility to create 9 not only for the high level as city hall or town hall Level 10 Level a statement, but also for lower level.

Particularly useful are the functions on the side. Here you can have a look at, inter alia, the scope of the various defenses or else, what impact have the different spell on defensively in Clash of Clans. So can be activated at the left side over the blue symbols for example the Frost spells. Thus, a perfect tool to plan his own formation, and defense in Clash of Clans.

Of course you can also save the created bases in the Clash of Clans Builder and share them with other players and discuss. Since many players are active here, one can well discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the formation of the individual buildings and so hopefully create the perfect defense for certain attacks.

Clash of Clans Builder and lineups for different Rathaus Level

Since you can save the created bases also easy in the Builder and share with other players, you will find on the website already many great plans for its own bases. Of course, there is this for all current City Hall Level as Level 6, 7, 8 or 9. The best rated plans we have you again linked here.

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