Certificate of Eligibility

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What is a COE

A certificate of eligibility is a 1 page document that looks like a high school diploma. It is valid for one year and issued by the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms.

Why would I want one?

The COE is required if you are a commercial Federal Firearms Licensee. It is an optional nice to have for your employees. If you are a C&R (type 03 FFL) holder, you can use your C&R license and your COE to avoid the limitation on purchasing more than 1 handgun in 30 days. Additionally, should AB-962 take effect, the C&R and COE should legally exempt you from the ban on interstate handgun mail/internet ordering.

How do I get one

After obtaining the form from CA DOJ BoF, you need to locate a Livescan location near you. There they will take digital fingerprints and use those to run a criminal background check. This is the same system required of firefighters, police officers, and school and pre-school teachers.