Bateman v. Perdue

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Bateman v. Perdue

Bateman is a challenge to various North Carolina laws that suspend the right to carry and suspend the right to sell arms during declared states of emergency. This is an immediate follow up to McDonald. The prayer for relief is, "An order permanently enjoining defendants ... from enforcing N.C. Gen. Stat. §§ 14-288.7, 14-288.12(b)(4), 14-288.13(b), 14-288.14(a), and 14-288.15(d), forbidding the carrying, possession, sale or purchase of firearms and ammunition during declared states of emergency."


The case is case number 5:10-cv-00265-H. Docket from RECAP.

Calguns Discussion Thread

Gura's on the charge already. New case filed in NC.

Case Files

Recap files are here